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Iris Johner



(founder - facilitator - therapist)

Hi everyone & welcome to the Moonshiners experience !

My name is Iris & I will be - together with a team of incredible women - your guide throughout the primordial journey of finding yourself, loving yourself & revealing yourself to the world. 

In a few words, I work as a facilitator, a therapist, a musician, a poet and a translator,... in a wonderful area that I call home for a few years now : South West Algarve, in Portugal, which has been an unexpected and magical place of transformation, allowing my Self to fulfill and my wings to spread. Bringing so much happiness, authenticity and inspiration to my life that I feel like sharing it as much as possible. 

How did I get here ? I graduated from a master's degree in Clinical Psychology & Psychopathology in France in 2015, after what I decided to nourish my insatiable traveler's soul for a while. I started with a quick stop in Portugal and I bought myself a one-way ticket  to Lima, Peru from where I then backpacked my way through South America for six months on my own with for only compass my intuition and encounters. It's been extremely tough, extremely beautiful, radically changing. It opened my heart & mind so much that I came back disoriented and obviously not fitting anymore to the former plans I had for myself.

Back to my hometown in the french Alps, I felt lonely, misunderstood and struggled with an intense depression on the summer of my 25th birthday leaving me asocial, weak and desperate. I guess I realized that time had passed - was I living the life I was dreaming for myself ? At that time, I was alternating between hostess or waitress jobs and travels around the world. Still reading, learning, reflecting a lot. This was nice but not a life project and I needed to take meaningful actions. I needed to find a path of my own somewhere I felt good.


I had no idea what to do when, in November 2017, I just packed a few of my stuffs and moved to Portugal - my promised land - where it felt the most natural for me to start over. I had to find a home, a car, a job, a community. It's been a path strewn with pitfalls ! I learned to trust and I learned to believe : in my intuition, my Self, processes and the Universe. It took a lot from me but step by step things started to unfold. My first passions - music and writing - came back to my life big time. I made a living as a street musician, soon starting to get booked at parties, restaurants and weddings. I self-produced a second album of my own songs, directed a couple of video-clips and started a YouTube channel. I trained to Reiki and started practicing as a therapist. I wrote a collection of poems. I found again this deep connection to Nature that I was missing so much. I met great people. Life was simple, busy and beautiful : playing music, surfing, learning, enjoying the Algarve's treasures. Gratitude, self-love and joy became my masters. Being a professional musician singing my heart out to strangers, I learned that I could be appreciated for who I truly am, that I can inspire, and that sharing is the most valuable reason to existence. In the meantime, my personal journey throughout femininity took me to a deep sense of commitment to womanhood, gender and society issues.


One day all my ideas and skills so naturally fell into place that I decided to jump to the next step : entrepreneurship.


The Moonshiners project results from all these experiences and teachings that my life has been made of. It is the result of failures and struggles that made me stronger, wiser and more confident as a woman. It is the result of a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment I gained from stepping out of my comfort zone and listening to my inner voice. It is the result of a deep will to share and to inspire others to dare being who they truly are. It is the result of strong human beliefs regarding supporting the women's community. 

I built the Moonshiners retreats with a prefect mix between my background in traditional psychology, my intuitive faith in spiritual healing, my personal beliefs in values such as self-love, joy & creativity and my hopes for a world where women can express themselves freely and be flourish.

I created the Moonshiners retreats to offer women a safe and nurturing space of expression, exploration and exchange leading to life transformations towards happiness and fulfillment - participants as much as team members. I cherish the idea of building a community throughout connections. Each retreat is made out of different team members and is featuring different talents allowing a mix of ideas and perspectives, bringing up fresh energy and opening doors of possibilities ! 

I am looking forward connecting and sharing with you !!

Keziah Gibbons


With a deep understanding of the integration of mind-body relationships, and supported by specialized training in energy healing (Reiki), neurolinguistic communication (NLP), and mindfulness, she accompanies one's evolution process creatively. With integrity, clarity of vision, together with her shamanic drum and tarot cards, she guides women through the exploration of their mind and soul, on the path of individual well-being.

Having been fascinated about the power of yoga, of meditation & about the philosophy behind it for many years, Josy decided to deepen her personal practice through a Yoga Teacher Training in Sri Lanka, whereafter she dived into the pleasure of teaching - helping others to find inner peace, balance & self-love. In the meantime, she's forged a solid experience as a spiritual empowerment coach, adding intuition & understanding to her knowledge. Her yoga & meditation classes are oriented towards chakras harmonization, body awareness & femininity. 

Cooking is her first passion and she puts all her love into her work to delight our taste buds and take care of our bodies and minds with super food, colors and textures.

While a healthy and vegetarian cuisine is her specialty, she also knows how to spread her generosity into producing more traditional recipes from our grandmothers' notebooks. Word to the wise!