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Is it still necessary to introduce the benefits of the yoga and meditation practice on the body and mind ?

5 sessions are provided by our qualified and experimented yoga and meditation teacher. Taught together or not, the yoga and meditation classes take place outdoors as much as the forecast allows it in order to enjoy at the fullest the benefits of the relationship to the earth, to nature and to the elements.

Our aim is to root into the here and now. To work on body and self-awareness through breathing, mindfulness and mantras. We want to help women becoming masters of their own body, and to accept and celebrate it. We believe that the body is a sacred space and that respecting and loving it are primary in the search for well-being.


Type of dance-therapy from the US gathering a community of people in a privileged space of expression; through music and dance in a sublimative setting : get the pleasures and benefits of free dancing without alcohol nor drug, with no talking, and no shoes !

On the physical level, dance improves blood flow, coordination and muscle tone. On the mental and emotional levels, dance is one of the most primitive ways of expression, allowing to set into motion the “true self” ; history, emotions, desires and sensuality. Dance has always been part of healing and celebration rituals in the traditional cultures. It offers an unique way of expression through the body, entity too often forgotten, oppressed and judged by our modern societies. The sessions are guided by our therapist to gently lead our participants to express themselves without shame or apprehension, as well as by our DJ who adapts to the audience to create the best vibe.

Our aim is to allow a movement of liberation and letting go in our participants within a loving space of acceptation where everyone feels free to reveal their most secret sides. At the individual level, we want to promote self-confidence and assertiveness as much as creativity and joy (ecstasy). At the groupal level, we wish to create a natural flow of connection among women, celebrating the beauty of the body and of the Divine Feminine – bringing women nearer to their Wild Woman, their inner child and their sacred.


Type of therapy using the process of artistic creation to promote self-expression.

During the retreat, we offer two sessions of art therapy regarding distinct goals and with different medias such as writing, drawing, role playing or artistic composition. One of the workshops allows to put outside and sublimate the aspects – conscious or not – of the personality in order to transform them into an integrative and constructive experience. The other one uses intention and self-conditioning, especially in visualization, to fulfill the individual potential.

Our aim is on one hand to promote self-expression and assertiveness, and on the other hand, to reinforce self-confidence and the ability to achieve one's life goals. We encourage our participants to transform a desire, a dream or a vocation into a concrete idea or project, to help them becoming who they are supposed to be outside the limits that society dictates to women.



Spiritual type of music therapy allowing a meditative state of consciousness to get in touch with the deeper Self. This altered state of consciousness is induced by the beat of the drum which modifies the cerebral vibratory frequency. The sound of the drum is therapeutic in that it releases physical and emotional tensions on one hand, and in that it connects to the soul on the other hand.

We work with an expert using the drum together with energy healing (Reiki) and tarot cards reading within sessions oriented towards the encounter with the Divine Feminine.


Our aim is to bring our participants to connect to themselves in order to discover, celebrate and enrich the relationship to their femininity. With this workshop we wish to encourage letting go, relaxation and introspection.



This workshop is about creating an atmosphere favorable to expression, exchanges and connection between women. We all gather in a cosy space to talk about a topic which resonates with the group in relation to women. Each of us is invited to express her opinion on a subject, to talk about her own experiences and to question things, all in a climate of trust, respect and empathy.

Our aim is to bring women to express themselves on topics which touch them. We would like to set tongues wagging and speak freely, without taboos nor judgments, about the fact of being a woman today, about the problems we encounter and the intrinsic suffering. We want women to raise their voices, whatever their opinions and thus reinforce their self-confidence. We want to discuss solutions and establish a positioning in relation to the Divine Feminine in our today society. We want to instill strength, hope and a spirit of cohesion in the women community.



The Algarve and the Costa Vicentina offer infinite possibilities for hiking trails in total immersion with nature.

We know that hiking is beneficial to body and mind, and we would love to share with you our idyllic life environment during a mindful walk throughout the natural park, including a meditation class. We focus on awakening the senses in contact with Nature.

Our aim is to re-connect women to Nature, where the Divine Feminine seems to be both drawing and reflecting its strength. We also would like to induce well-being and body awareness, together with an experience of sharing and relaxation between women.



The moon is the ultimate feminine symbol, and each one of our retreats takes place according to the moon cycle, just like women do by nature. Each new cycle starts with a new moon (the moment it is invisible in the sky) fitting into a particular astral map whose aspects determine its effects on us. It is during both the new moon and the full moon that these aspects impact us the most, making us more sensitive, more emotional, more defensive. The energies and magnetism of the moon operate an intense incidence on things ; that's why these time frames are conducive to new beginnings, meditation, affirmation of intentions, allowing to overcome ancient fears and sufferings in order to flourish.

The ceremony occurs outdoors as long as the forecast is favorable. It is organized around ceremonial rituals, chanting, astral reading and individual intentions setting.

Our aim is to bring women closer to their mystical nature and sacral dimension, through a sublimative ceremony. We use the power of universal connection to get impetus to resolutions and intentions, in the effort to embody the woman that we are supposed to be. We celebrate the harmony between femininity, Nature and the universe in a benevolent embrace.


- Reiki & energy healing

- Massages : deep tissue or relaxing

- Tarot reading

- Stand Up Paddle tour (caves & cliffs)