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The creation of Moonshiners Retreats stems from the desire to gather women, to give them a safe space of expression and to help them blossom. We observe an intrinsic suffering to the fact of being a woman in our modern world, as many of us evolve, if not in submission, often in reaction to the model of male domination. Thus, the idea is to reconnect women to their Essence (see Concepts & foundations part), and to offer them the possibility to flourish. In a broader way, we think that the world we live in needs more of the feminine energies such as softness, compassion, patience, sharing and we intend to participate making the world a better place by planting seeds and inspire.

Our retreats offer to all women a benevolent space for exchanges and well-being, together with the opportunity to develop their potential by getting closer to their “true self”. Our workshops invite to a re-connection to the self, to the body, to the Divine Feminine and to Nature (see Workshops part).


Our retreats address to today's active, curious and independent women who feel the need to take a break and get out of their routine to re-focus and take care of themselves ; women of today who are interested in their personal growth and who are ready to put things into practice. We offer an alternative to traditional care, more anchored in modernity with the values of innovation, openness and conviviality. We value personal development along with discipline and exploration, but also through self-love, joy and creativity.

In short : We offer women only week-long half board retreats in an idyllic environment immersed in nature. Our team, made up of qualified and experienced women, has designed a special program offering daily different workshops aimed at accomplishing our mission. We secure a maximum of about 10  participants in order to maintain high quality standards. Nothing is left to chance to make your stay the opportunity to refocus, connect, and get inspired while exploring Femininity.

The project


Our mission

Our ambition is, on the one hand, to re-value the Feminine force, which our wounded, exhausted and abused modern world needs more than ever. At the individual level, we want our knowledge and ethics to inspire women to explore, love and reveal this part of themselves. On a global scale we hope to spread our convictions and inspire change.

May the light of each of us shine to bring a new light to the world !

On the other hand, in connection with our first mission, we want to take a different look at the Masculine force and bring it back to its divine nature. The Feminine / Masculine duality exists in all things and the respect of each of these polarities causes their harmonization and balance, necessary to well-being. Our goal is to highlight the Feminine, not against the Masculine, but complementary to it, by re-implanting its natural principles. We want to gather instead of dividing. When we talk about the concepts of femininity and masculinity, we are talking about the polarities that exist and play out in every man and every woman.


Our ethics

Note on consent

If we obviously encourage the participation to each of our workshops to get the most benefits from the retreat, we would like to emphasize that the decision is yours and yours only. Thus, if you somehow don't feel comfortable with one of the activities or one of the instructions, we invite you to let us know so we can together find the best solution. We value above all self-expression, self-love and respect of personal boundaries.

Emotional supervision

Our workshops are designed and animated by qualified and experimented professionals, devoted to create a trustful and secure atmosphere for everyone. We stand for benevolence, humanism and respect. Our desire is to offer a qualitative experience to our participants in a space where each of us feels free to express herself, to share and to grow. We are aware that the exploration and the letting go processes that we encourage can reveal certain pain, fears or worries ; we are prepared to warmly welcome you with your own story and sufferings and to transform it into a positive matter.

Reminder :


We emphasize here the fact that we do not offer psychological support. Our retreats encourage personal development and exploration work, to induce a sense of well-being and to bring our subjects to blossom as women. The workshops involve group participation. The participation to the retreat requires the desire and ability to live in community for a week.


In case of pathological disorders, we kindly advise you to contact the competent professionals: psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors.


Who for I What for I Prerequisites

Moonshiners Retreat is for you if :

  • you would like to disconnect from your everyday life & recenter on yourself in an idyllic setting

  • you are sensitive to your own well-being & to your personal development

  • you are willing to connect to other women & get inspired

  • you are interested on exploring Femininity

What you would gain from it :

  • a feeling of well-being

  • a greater self-confidence, self-esteem & assertiveness

  • a spiritual approach of healing

  • a deep connection to the Divine Feminine & fulfillment of individual potential

  • unforgettable memories & connection with like-minded amazing women


  • a good understanding & speaking levels of English

  • the ability to live in a group

  • the desire to share, exchange and grow